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Experienced Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney – Criminal DUI Law Firm Also Handling Domestic Violence, Restraining Order, Petty Theft Lawyers, Drugs Crimes, Petty Theft Crimes, Sex Crimes, Prostitution Solicitation

Our Riverside criminal defense lawyers is versed in all  code for each crime listed in the book. The Penal Code is clear about every crime that can happen in this city and state to protect its citizens. If involved in the wrong side of the law contact our Riverside criminal defense and DUI attorney today!
The California criminal law impose serious sentencing for those convicted of a crime. We are well established and able to execute the proper defense approaches to counter the harsh penalties for any criminal charge in Riverside and its surroundings. We can work aggressively to prove:
Mistaken identity in executing the crime
Ignorance of the crime
An non-willful participation

Illegal raids or searches conducted by law enforcement officers

Our experienced attorney are well versed with the prosecution approaches and court proceedings to ensure a more favorable outcome on any criminal case hearing.

 DUI Experts Defending You in All Drunk Driving Charges

It is dangerous to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that can impact motor coordination and decision making on the road. The stringent DUI laws in Riverside  imposes harsh penalties on errant drivers under alcohol or drug influence to protect other road users and properties.
Road accidents caused by DUI can lead to an immediate arrest with a license suspension or revocation unless professional legal services are rendered.
Our experienced Riverside lawyer on DUI offenses offer:
Immediate assistance from time of arrest to court hearing
Availability of legal counsel in and out of court
Legal representation at DMV hearing

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Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer
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