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Escondido Criminal Defense Lawyer & DUI Lawyer Help: Expungement, Domestic Violence, Petty Theft Crimes, Shoplifting, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, Temporary Restraining Order, Assault, Rape, Vandalism, Warrants, Weapons Crimes, Fraud, White Collar Crimes, Prostitution etc

When facing criminal charges, defendants need a reliable and trustworthy private Escondido criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer. The right skilled Escondido criminal defense lawyer can help get your charges dismissed or reduced for such cases as expungement, domestic violence, DUI, restraining order, petty theft crimes, shoplifting, sex crimes, assault, vandalism, warrants, rape, drug crimes, prostitution, white collar crimes, fraud, and robbery etc.

Criminal Law Terms Explained

  • Crime:  An act committed/omitted in violation of laws forbidding/commanding it. Penalties for such violations are clearly prescribed. Criminal laws entails prosecution by the government of someone who has committed an act that can be classified as a crime under the state’s laws.
  • Infarction: Minor public offenses, mostly traffic rules violations.
  • Misdemeanor: Less serious offense than felony like petty theft or drunk driving.
  • Felony: Serious crime punishable by death/extended imprisonment in state prison.

There are several options that can be explored rather than the prescribed penalties under California law. An Escondido criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer with experience can help you with:

  • Avoiding arrest by presenting reliable witnesses and evidence from our side
  • Reducing charges to misdemeanors or infractions from felony
  • Evaluating your case and giving a legal opinion
  • Arranging bail hearing
  • Conducting independent investigations
  • Gathering evidence/witnesses
  • Preparing a water-tight case for both negotiations and trial

Escondido DUI Laws

California State DUI laws can be extremely severe and complex, especially when the person  is a repeat offender. As competent, experienced and knowledgeable Escondido criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer with years of experience who can provide expert advice and legal representation. California DUI laws are mostly in conformity with those of other states with procedural and categorical differences.

DUI offenses have different penalties based on the defendant’s previous history. The penalties are severe and complex in nature. Though these misdemeanors fall under separate sections, a person can be charged and convicted of both offenses even though the punishment is single.

Additionally, if death or injury occurs as a result of the accident, further charges and enhanced sentencing will apply. The penalties include:

  • Fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Both fines and imprisonment
  • Acceptance of a rehab program
  • Supervision and acceptance of regular monitoring
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Alternative sentencing

Knowing The Local Courts

Some criminal law firms and most clients may not be aware of concepts like alternative sentencing. Though the law remains the same, different counties and local courts may have slightly different procedures. The right Escondido legal experts can offer a comprehensive legal opinion so that you make an informed choice. They might know how to deal with the local prosecutors and judges which might help with your case

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