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Having an experienced and aggressive San Diego sex crimes lawyer is very important in avoiding jail in a sex crimes case.

Find the San Diego criminal defense team that loves helping their clients stay out of prison.

If your goal is to get the best favorable outcome then you need the right San Diego sex crimes lawyer on your side handling your case.

A sexual offense in San Diego is committed when a sex act is performed, without consent, and with general intent. 

For purposes of sexual assault, a sex act is completed if it falls within the definition of rape, sodomy, oral copulation, lewd and lascivious acts or some act of penetration.

If you have been charged or being accused of any of the above contact a  San Diego sex crimes lawyer now!.

The California penal codes on sexual offenses is harsh so you need the right defense to make sure that your rights are protected.

San Diego Sex Crimes Info

San Diego Sex Crimes Lawyers Practice Areas

San Diego sex crimes attorneys typically represent those accused of the following types of sex crimes in San Diego County :

  • Rape & Statutory Rape
  • Prostitution
  • Pimping
  • Sodomy
  • Oral Copulation
  • Lewd Or Lascivious Acts
  • Harmful Matter Sent w/Intent of Seduction of Minor
  • Contact of Minor w/Intent to Commit Sexual Offense
  • Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child
  • Indecent Exposure and Lewd or Obscene Conduct
  • Minor Sexting
  • Federal Child Pornography
  • Sex slaves

Possible San Diego Sex Crimes Defense Strategies

There are different defense strategies that can be used to tackle your charges. An experienced San Diego sex crimes lawyer may use a defense like:

  • You are wrongfully being accused
  • Questioning the memories of the accuser
  • It was consensual
  • You were lied to about the age if the other party an underage accuser

Sex Offenses Penalties and Punishments

Every form of defined or classified rape in California that is convicted under its sex crimes court brings on heavy penalties and punishments which cover:

  • Light to heavy jail sentences depending on misdemeanor or felony sex crime convictions
  • Heavy fines in the thousands of dollars
  • Lifetime label as “California sex offender” for repeated conviction of indecent exposure

Repeated sex crimes are deemed to be serious offenses in the sight of California sex crime laws where a misdemeanor conviction is translated into a felony with heavier penalties such as longer jail time and heavier fines as well as a listing in the state or federal sex offender registry. It would require a highly skilled and aggressive sex crimes attorney in San Diego to remove the listing of record for a clean slate of social living.

State & Federal Child Pornography, Minor Sexting, Registered Offenders & Sex Slaves

Any sexual offense involving a child is a felony.  California penal code 311 prohibits a child being shown in a sexual act. The penalties for child porn is many years in jail and thousands of dollars in fine. The penalty is also more if you are also convicted across the state line.

Minor sexting (CA Penal Code 288.2 ) prohibits an adult who is not the parent (acceptable only if it was for sex education purposes) from sending a sexual content to a child for the purposes of sexually arousing them or you. The penalty for this can be a long time in jail and thousands in fines.

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