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San Diego Probation Lawyer

Updated on October 3rd, 2023

San Diego Probation Lawyer – Experienced Parole Violation Law Firm Helping You Get A Second Chance

Experienced, affordable San Diego probation lawyer helping you with both new hearings and violation. If you or a loved one needs a San Diego probation attorney contact us now for free consultation.  Most judiciary platforms offer various forms of probation services to protect certain members of the public who are in danger of being threatened or hurt physically, verbally and emotionally.  These probation orders are dispensed by the court judges that demand a strict adherence; of which a violation could bring on unfavorable consequences.

Probation Hearing Attorney and Types of Probation Cases

Different courts would allow the presiding judges to mete out different types of probation based on the impending case set. The more common types of probation orders dispensed out by judges include:

  • Misdemeanor probation
  • Felony probation

A violation of probation imposed on the defendant would require the offender to attend a probation violation or revocation hearing before a judge for further penalties besides the original charges’ severity in San Diego. You can retain a San Diego parole lawyer to represent you

Penalties imposed on the violator of probation orders include:

  • Reinstating the probation order with the same set of terms and conditions as a second chance or grace application of the defendant
  • Changing the probation terms and conditions to be more stringent
  • Revoking the probation order to send the defendant to jail

California Probation Law Overview

The California law on probation and its execution is based on the Penal Code 1203 PC where a clear definition of probation is listed with specific penalties and consequences. The terms and conditions executed in a probation order include:

  • Mandatory fine
  • Community services
  • Proper employment
  • Free from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Wearing an electronic monitoring device for more serious crime charges

Ordinary consumers in California may encounter certain degrees of difficulty in adhering to a probation order if they are unfamiliar with the state law on crimes and imposed probations. Hence, the hiring of an experienced and qualified probation hearing attorney is a smart move for alleged probation violators to be properly represented in court for a lighter penalty and consequence.

The state law on probation orders allows the defendants to be able to exercise their human rights until their case is heard in court. The defendants are allowed to exercise their freedom and value in society without any condemnation unless the probation order is violated.

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