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Prostitution lawyers San Diego California

Updated on October 4th, 2023

Get some of the best San Diego prostitution and online solicitation attorney for

You need to call a San Diego prostitution lawyer now If you have been charged with prostitution or online solicitation.  

One of the best right San Diego prostitution attorneys can help you stay out of jail for both offline and online solicitation and pandering charges.

San Diego prostitution lawyers infos and more

The California state laws are very clear with regards to prostitution where anyone engaging in sexual intercourse or lewd sexual acts in exchange for any form of compensation is guilty of violating the Penal Code 647(b) on prostitution.

You need to make sure that you seek legal help with some of the best criminal defense experts in the city to help you stay out of jail. You need attorneys who care and who will help you defend your rights. Do not just settle for cheap prostitution lawyers but find attorneys who are reasonably priced with experience handling your type of case with great results.

Prostitution practice area

A San Diego prostitution lawyer can handle cases such:

  • pimping charges
  • online solicitation charges
  • offline solicitation charges
  • child prostitution charges
  • trafficking charges
  • prostituting charges

Pimping (penal code 266h)

Penal Code §266h provides that any person who, knowing another person is a prostitute, lives or derives support or maintenance in whole or in part from the earnings or proceeds of the person's prostitution, or from money loaned or advanced to or charged against that person by any keeper or manager or inmate of a house or other place where prostitution is practiced or allowed, or who solicits or receives compensation for soliciting for the person, is guilty of pimping, a felony, and shall be punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for three, four, or six years.

If you are accused of pimping consult with a prostitution attorney to see what your defense options are.

Further, any person who does the act described above, when the prostitute is a minor, is guilty of pimping a minor, a felony.

Penalties and punishments for a San Diego prostitution conviction

San Diego prostitution and solicitation is against the law in California and when convicted it is mostly done as a misdemeanor offense. 

For first offender of prostitution or solicitation the penalties are as follows:

  •  up to six months in a county jail
  •  up to $1,000 in fines

As you can see violating the California Penal Code 647(b) on prostitution can get you in hot waters. So finding the right offline and online prostitution lawyer to defend you should be a top priority.

Possible criminal defense strategies for prostitution pandering and online solicitation charges

When you hire the right San Diego criminal defense they can work to prove that you were entrapped and being forced to be a prostitute. Also, lack of evidence can be used too for your defense.

For those charged with solicitation, lack of evidence and mistaken identity can be used for your defense.

You were coerced by an undercover agent. You didn't know that the person was a prostitute.

The truth is that an attorney can make your life easy as their job is to find ways to taint the case legally in your favor.

San Diego prostitution attorney free consultation

If you or a loved one have been charged with prostitution or solicitation then call to speak San Diego prostitution lawyer now.

You need to hire the right legal professional to help you get your charges dropped or reduced.