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CA Possession For Sales or Purchase Code

Possession for Sale and Purchase of a Controlled Substance are generally charged under California Health and Safety code sections 11351, 11351.5, 11359, 11378 and/or 11378.5. The code section charged will depend on the nature of the substance.

These apply to Possession for Sale of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, peyote, other depressants and opium derivatives, as well as crack (cocaine base) and PCP. The elements of possession for sale or purchase are the same to those for simple possession with two additions. First, the substance must be in an amount sufficient to be used for sale.

Second, the person must have possessed and/or purchased the controlled substance with the specific intent to sell it. Whether a substance is held for sales may be established by expert testimony based upon matters such as the quantity, packaging, and normal individual use.

Your San Diego drug sales lawyer should be able to help you understand the lawyer better and how it pertains to your particular charges.

Drug Sales Attorney Defense Strategies

Similar to a simple possession offense, a motion to suppress evidence based on 4 th amendment violations can be a major piece of the defense case when someone is charged with Possession for Sale. If, based on the facts, the 4th amendment is implicated the Defendant, through his or her  drug sales attorney, may file a motion to suppress the evidence.

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