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What is the penalty for misdemeanor or felony hit and run in California?

Updated on April 15th, 2024

In this article, The San Diego Criminal Defense Pros will help you learn about California hit and run penalties, penal codes, and misdemeanor & felony hit and run charges, etc.

At the end we also have a number for you to speak to a criminal defense lawyer to answer some of your questions.

Let's get started.

California Hit and Run - Misdemeanor & Felony Hit & Run Penalty and Law

Let's jump to some of the things you need to know about California hit and runs.

What is a hit & run in California?

California hit and run is when a driver at fault panics and flees from the scene of an accident immediately.

The State Hit and Run Penal Codes

California hit and run offenses deal with accidents involving human lives and heavy property expenses that the driver-at-fault might be incurred.

Drug and alcohol DUI offenders are common guilty parties to hit and run cases.

Vehicle Code 2001 and Vehicle Code 2002 are the two common laws on vehicle accidents in CA.

The former involves injury or death while the latter involves damage to property only.

 Both statutes insist on the accident-involved drivers to provide their name and current address to one another before making a police report on the incident.

The code lists hit and run incidents involving injury and deaths are punishable if convicted with:

  • fines between $1000 and $10,000
  • imprisonment for a maximum of 4 years

Hit and run incidents which cause damage to the property alone are punishable with:

  • Maximum fine of $1000
  • Maximum 6 months county jail time

In California, hit and run offenders could be charged to the max even if the driver is not at fault as it is a crime to flee the accident scene without providing the necessary contact information to the other involved drivers or parties.

Vehicle Code 20001 applies for any injury incurred even for own car passengers.

Hit and run drivers could be justified for leaving the accident scene if emergency medical attention is required for self or a passenger.

The CA vehicle code 20002 applies to accidents with property damage that may not necessarily be vehicles involved in the accident.

Hit and run offenses are not limited to accidents that occurred on highways and public roads alone; parking lot collisions are also subject to heavy consequences if the driver failed to leave their contact information to the other party.

California Misdemeanor & Felony Hit and Run 

What Are the Misdemeanor Penalties & Charges for Hit and Run?

A hit and run offender could resolve a misdemeanor charge via a civil compromise.

This would activate Penal Code 1377 for certain misdemeanor offenses that allow a resolution of a hit-and-run accident via a civil settlement instead of criminal punishment if all involved drivers agree.

California misdemeanor hit and run charges and conviction could get one:

  • Probation
  • Up to one year in a county jail
  • Revocation of license

What Are the Felony Hit and Run Penalties & Charges?

The penalties for a California felony hit and run felony include:

  • Up to four years in a state prison
  • Up to $10,000 in fines

Get Free Consult With a Criminal Lawyer for California Hit & Run Case

If you are charged or accused of a California felony or misdemeanor hit and run offense, it is best that you contact an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorneys who could advise on the best course of action in the eyes of the law.