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San Diego domestic violence lawyer

Updated on February 25th, 2024

A San Diego domestic violence lawyer is an attorney who will defend you when you are accused of family violence or DV. Or one is filed against you or a loved one.

This type of criminal attorneys can also help you file a San Diego restraining order in domestic violence issues.  

Hiring experienced, affordable, and one of the best San Diego domestic violence attorneys who have decades of experience in aggressively defending people like yourself when DV charges are brought against you is the recommended option.

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San Diego domestic violence law, lawyers benefit, and more

Below are some of the important things to know about San Diego domestic violence in San Diego, California.

What is a San Diego domestic violence?

San domestic violence laws are mostly based on California domestic violence laws which makes it illegal to use force or to communicate threats to an intimate partner or someone within your household.

Basically, it is illegal to assault, abuse and/or threaten to someone.

But when the victim is your spouse, child, parent, partner, fiance, cohabitant, roommates, or dating partner, domestic violence laws takes precedent and will make the allegation a very serious legal offense.  

Because of how serious domestic violence issues are taken, almost all city attorney’s office has a unit dedicated to persecuting domestic violence offenders.

If you find yourself or loved one being accused of a DV in the city contact a San Diego domestic violence lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

Domestic violence penal codes

California has many penal codes dealing with different types of domestic violence cases.

And the city of San Diego DA office can use any of the California DV related penal codes when charging someone.

Some of those codes used in charging one for a domestic violence offense(s) are listed below.

  •  Penal Code 243(e) and Penal Code 273.5 – This is related to a battery against spouse, fiancee, cohabitant, etc.
  • Penal Code 273 – Child Abuse & Child Endangerment
  • Penal Code 368 – Elder Abuse
  • Penal Code 422 – Criminal Threats
  • Penal Code 273.6 – This law deals with violation of restraining order

The best thing to do is to always speak with a San Diego domestic violence defense lawyer to help you understand each criminal penal code better, how it pertains to your particular case, and the best defense strategy.

 San Diego domestic violence penalties if convicted

The county and city DA office takes domestic violence cases serious.

So what you thing is a minor domestic issues could lead into some serious legal problems.

When one is convicted in a San Diego domestic violence case, the conviction will go on one’s criminal record which is bad for finding a job and other things.

With domestic violence, you can also get your gun taken away.

Also, based on the seriousness of the injuries you alleged cause and how many times you have been convicted of domestic violence, it will be considered a felony and you stay in prison for a long time.

On initial arrest,  you will be held for 24 hours in county jail and a judge can also impose 52 weeks of domestic battery classes if convicted.

You may also be required to pay fines that run into the tens of thousands.

However, with the best San Diego omestic violence lawyer, he or she will be able to seek the lowest penalty such as a community service, shorter DV class, or get your charges dismissed altogether.

Typical domestic violence defense attorneys strategies

One can be charged with a San Diego domestic violence if he or she physically abuses, socially abuse, sexually abuses, threatens, and Verbally abuses their spouse or another family member.

More often than not, someone is charged with domestic violence after an argument with a spouse or significant other escalates until a neighbor or bystander calls the police.

Often times, the Defendant is charged with a felony despite the fact that the alleged victim has no physical signs of injury and there are no witnesses other than the alleged victim.

These cases are often “he-said-she-said” cases.

Some of the defense strategies  domestic violence attorney can use to defend their client include:

  • Lack of eyewitness
  • The other party is lying
  • The situation was a misunderstanding
  • The physical hit was an accident
  • Lack of evidence

There are just so many benefits to hiring a San Diego domestic violence law firm to defend you than not having one.

No need to not get legal help to protect your freedom.

Practice Areas - San Diego DV cases a law firm can help you with

A domestic violence attorney typically can handle all types of domestic violence charges including:

  • Corporal Injury on a Child / Child Abuse
  • Domestic Battery / Spousal Battery
  •  Domestic Violence / Corporal Injury
  • Child Endangerment / Willful Harm to a Child

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If you or someone you know has been charged with any domestic violence offenses, it is important to have an experienced and aggressive attorney to investigate both sides of the facts, to determine the credibility of all parties involved, and provide aggressive defense of your right.

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