San Diego Restraining Order Lawyer

A San Diego restraining order lawyer or attorney works to defend you when a permanent or temporary restraining order is files against you or when you are accused of violating a law ful order under California Penal Code 273.6 PC.

against you.

A San Diego restraining order lawyer can also help you file for a TRO against someone.

So What Is A San Diego Restraining Order?

A San Diego restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from abuse or threats of abuse from someone they have a close relationship with. You can ask for this if a person has abused you and you have a close relationship with that person. 

Close relationship means that you are: Married or registered domestic partners, Divorced or separated, Dating or used to date, Living together or used to live together (more than roommates), Parents together of a child, OR Closely related.  

If you are a parent and your child is being abused, you can also file on behalf of your child to protect your child (and you and other family members). If your child is 12 or older, he or she can file on his or her own. 

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San Diego Restraining Order Lawyers Practice Areas

Most San Diego criminal defense and restraining order attorneys  can help you defend or file for:

  •     Civil Harassment Restraining Order
  •     Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order
  •     Workplace Violence Restraining Order
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order

In addition to helping defend those with an unlawful restraining order, our law firm can also help in filing for those who need to get one against another. 

Restraining Order Violations (Penal Code  273.6 PC) Is a Crime

If you violate a restraining order in Calfifornia you may be charged with a crime under penal code 273.6 pc and the punishment if convicted may include:

  •   Going to Jail;
  •   Paying Fines;
  •   52 weeks of Domestic Violence Classes;
  •   Public Work Service;
  •   Community Service; and,
  •   Probation, among other potential penalties.

Again, because of these severe consequences, it is important to fight it by contacting and getting the help of an experienced San Diego restraining order lawyer.

San Diego Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

As a result you:

  • Will not be able to go to certain places or to do certain things;
  • You might have to move out of your home;
  • It may affect your ability to see your own children;
  • You will not be able to own a gun and you will have to turn in or sell any guns you may now have and not be able to buy a gun while the restraining order is in effect.
  • It may affect your immigration status if you are not a U.S. Citizen;
  • You will struggle to get work with law enforcement or government agencies once the order is on your record; and, It could lead to criminal charges.

Hiring an experienced and smart restraining order lawyer in San Diego area can help you avoid all or most of the mentioned above penalties.

Defense Strategies

An experienced permanent or temporary restraining order lawyer should have many defenses in her or his play book help you defend your rights and freedom. Some of those defense are:

  • you are not aware of the restraining order against you
  • the court didn’t legally issue the restraining order
  • in the case of you being accused of violating a restraining order, he or she will argue that you didn’t intentionally or didn’t violate it at all

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