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Welcome to our San Diego white collar crimes lawyer  website. Our goal is to help you save your reputation and freedom so contact our experienced and top rated San Diego embezzlement attorney today! The crime of Embezzlement is a form of white collar crimes that was created to address the problems created in a larceny case when the accused defense was that they had permission to the property.

Basic elements Of an Embezzlement

 Embezzlement is basically a theft of something that the accused has been entrusted to care for, but does not have permission to take. There are three basic elements to embezzlement:

  • a relation of trust and confidence between two persons;
  • one of the persons entrusted property to the other;
  • appropriation or conversion with the specific intent to deprive the owner of his property.

If you have been charged with embezzlement you should contact an experienced white collar crimes attorney to defend you.

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