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San Diego Expungement Lawyer

Updated on October 3rd, 2023

Experienced San Diego Expungement Attorney & Criminal Records Sealing Law Firm Can Help You Get A Clean Record

A San Diego expungement lawyer is a criminal lawyer who helps people with a criminal record get their records cleaned so that it won't show up when most criminal backgrounds are running.

The right San Diego expungement attorney can make a big difference in getting your misdemeanor or felony criminal records expunged.

The California Penal Code 1203.4 PC offers clear guidelines on the expungement of a criminal record of a criminal. This would release the convict of all “imposed penalties and disabilities” by the court and allow the convict to have a clean slate on record.

It is a big deal to be able to have one’s criminal records expunged as this contributes to the viability of a person’s marketability in employment and social status. A higher level of trust and confidence, as well as respect, is rendered to the individual with a clean criminal record.

Expungements are also very useful in procuring California professional licenses and memberships to a myriad of professional organizations in the market to improve the social status in life.  An expungement offers a ‘second chance’ to a fresh start in life from a miry past.

You should really seek an experienced San Diego expungement lawyer help when you want your felony or misdemeanor record cleaned..

Understanding Criminal Records  Expungement Rules in California

San Diego county follows the California law that allows an individual with a criminal record to have it expunged of any misdemeanor or felony offense with the following conditions:

  • A successfully completed probation
  • Not charged with a fresh criminal offense
  • Not serving a criminal offense sentence at the moment
  • Settled all fines and restitution according to court orders
  • Completed all required counseling programs or community services
  • Attended all required court appearances per schedule

However, serious sex offenses especially those committed against children or minors are not eligible to get a San Diego expungement.

When you consult with an experienced San Diego expungement lawyer, he or she should be able to help you understand the rules better.

Factors That Can Affect Your Expungement Decision by The Court

Factors that may influence the court decision to have a criminal record expunged in San Diego include:

  • The offender’s overall performance during probation
  • Severity of the conviction
  • Criminal history
  • Supporting evidence for expungement request

The fact is that each state has their own rules regarding a misdemeanor or felony record sealing.

Since each specific case and situation is different, it will benefit you to seek the counsel of a San Diego expungement lawyer to see if you qualify.

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The right expungement lawyer can make a difference in your case.